Our mission is to help primary caregivers who are caring for someone with special needs in the same home. While the TCC can help with identifying the resources for your self-care plan, you are empowered to select the appropriate programs, facilities or individuals to care for your loved one during your break.

Our agency does not endorse or recommend any particular agency, facility or individual.

Let us help you. We’ve compiled a variety of services that can help meet your needs as a caregiver. We’re here for you if you want to talk to someone about TCC and what we can do for you, apply for vouchers, or find a senior companion to give you some time off from caregiving. These are the main services and resources we offer.

Need Help?

Call our Helplines

We can help provide assistance to those in need. Simply reach out to us through our helpline number. We are available during business hours.

(615) 269-8687

Call our Statewide Respite Helpline at (615) 269-8687. This is a toll-free information line that anyone can call to learn more about the TCC, access our programs, and get information about respite resources around the state.